Find New Investors With Capital Markets Visibility 365

Capital Market Visibility 365 assures small-cap, OTC-listed companies and ADR issuers a 12-month consistent presence in front of a highly targeted audience of institutional investors, individual investors and financial media.

Consistent and transparent shareholder communications that builds month over month

Capital Markets Visibility 365 is a strategic and calendared marketing plan comprised of 12 integrated shareholder communications elements.

Two PR Newswire news releases each month distributed to:

  • Buy-side analysts: targeted distribution to 1,900+ industry specific contacts
  • Sell-side analysts: targeted distribution to 700+ industry specific contacts
  • Quantitative targeted distribution to the top 100 institutional investors “identified & matched” with your stock’s characteristics and parsed from over 30,000 portfolio managers
  • Journalists and influential bloggers: targeted distribution to 1,900+ industry specific contacts
  • Broad news distribution throughout PR Newswire’s network of 1,000s of investor and financial portals

Semi-annual presentations

  • Two live, online webcasts of your “CEO investor roadshow”
  • Live Q&A
  • Virtual “Trade Show Booth” for attendees to download shareholder materials and chat in real-time with CEOs and executives
  • Detailed attendee reports and opt-in email address
  • Thousands of registered investors and targeted retail investors
  • Three month archive for 24/7 audience
  • NOTE: if you do not have a professional IR website, you can substitute one presentation for a complete IR website. / NAIC Investor Outreach Campaign

With a paid membership base of 120,000 individual “buy and hold” investors, is the recognized brand for retail investor education, advocacy and sound investment research

  • eNewsletter: 550,000+ investor impressions • Hardcopy magazine: 370,000+ investor impressions
  • Email introductions and alerts: 600,000+ investor impressions
  • Company profile, 24/7, on website: 500,000 visitors

Financial-based Social Media Engagement with StockTwits

  • Verified, official presence on StockTwits and the StockTwits distribution network
  • Monitoring and analytic tools, including weekly email summaries and email alerts on social activity
  • Social compliance features to address the most common concerns about communicating via social media
  • Ability to reach millions of investors, analysts and media on and through the distribution of your official messages to the StockTwits network of financial media partners

National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) 6-month Scholarship

  • We’re staunch proponents of the art and science of Investor Relations. The NIRI organization offers great strategic and tactical guidance, examples and experts on being a transparent public company. It is comprised of over 4,000 passionate practitioners globally.